For many people, starting and successfully running their own business is like a dream – something desirable and very distant. However, dreams might be closer than you think.

Ecommerce has become very popular among beginner entrepreneurs for a very important reason. Running a business online is generally less costly than in real life. So it’s not surprising to see some ecommerce success stories from time to time. Judge for yourself:

  • Hosting a server is cheaper than renting a commercial property.
  • When owning a brick-and-mortar store, you have to promote it among the residents of your city. In ecommerce, you can attract customers from all around the world.
  • Emails, coupons, Google search analysis and other tools make it easier to target customers.
  • You can take orders 24/7.
  • Easier to encourage impulsive purchases.

These are just some of the benefits offered by ecommerce. Certainly, it doesn’t mean that setting up an ecommerce business is a piece of cake and you’ll start making a profit as soon as you start. It takes investment, time and efforts. Still, even an average person with due determination can do this.

Here is an ecommerce success story of a guy named Mousslim. 45 days after he started his dropshipping business, he made $3,500. In August 2018, his annual revenue was $455,000.

Explaining dropshipping business model

The so called dropshipping is a type of ecommerce business very similar to a typical online store. You have a website with products; people place orders and you send them their goods. However, there are several very important differences.

In a standard retail model, a store buys goods from a supplier beforehand and then tries to sell its stock. The problem is you can’t be absolutely sure people will buy them all. Dropshipping takes a different route.

Instead of buying products, you make a deal with suppliers. A dropshipping store works as an advertizing tool that attracts customers. Whenever somebody places an order, your supplier sends the product directly to the customer. So there’s no need for a warehouse packed with stuff you might not be able to sell.

Mousslim’s success story

This is the type of business Mousslim decided to start when he was only 20 years old and was working in a restaurant in a small town of France. For several years, he had been ordering cheap electronic products from China and reselling them on eBay. But being unable to always sell all his inventory was a problem. So he started to send goods directly from his suppliers to his customers thus doing dropshipping without even knowing it.

But his real ecommerce success story began when he created a stand-alone web store using AliDropship plugin. The plugin was designed to automatically import products from AliExpress, the biggest Asian online retail platform. This solution proved perfect for Mousslim’s business.

Here are some of his recommendations for newcomers wishing to start their own online business.

  1. When choosing a niche, Mousslim recommends finding something you like and know very well. He says that starting a web store is not easy and you’ll face lots of problems. And you can solve them only if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Mousslim’s dropshipping store is devoted to Dragon Ball Z – a popular anime show he’s been fond of since he was a child.

  1. For promotion, Mousslim mostly uses Instagram and Instagram shoutouts, which he finds the best platform for building reputation and attracting traffic.
  2. Do not worry about competition. Mousslim says his web store has a lot of competitors, but it only motivates him to do better by finding their weaknesses and making his store more competitive.

Mousslim’s journey has led him to Hong Kong where he registered his business. He still has only one online store but is planning to start two more. Now he is travelling a lot and is sharing his experience on Instagram.

What Mousslim’s ecommerce success story tells us is that nowadays you can run a profitable online business even without any university degree. Of course, any entrepreneurship is risky and only few succeed, but in ecommerce, you don’t need a lot of money to start. Check out this simple checklist to start your dropshipping journey right now.

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