Ever wanted to become an entrepreneur? Thanks to internet technologies and all kinds of solutions for ecommerce, even people with little budget can start a business online. But no matter what ecommerce model you choose, the first thing you’re going to need is a website.

Most beginner entrepreneurs prefer WordPress ecommerce websites. Why? There are many reasons.

What kind of platform do you need?

A beginner entrepreneur is probably very low on budget and has little experiencein creating websites or making money online. So complicated or costly solutions are no good! A good option must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Free to use. Most solutions cost money and some even require paid subscription. However, there are platforms with enough free tools to create a fully functional ecommerce website.
  • Guarantees full ownership of your site. Some solutions allow you to create one, but do not grant you legal rights for it.
  • Flexibility is another important feature. There are different types of ecommerce business, and the platform must allow you to create the kind of website best suiting your purposes.
  • A good system allows you to store classified data and transactional details.

WordPresscontent management system satisfies all these requirements.

Why create WordPress ecommerce website?

It’s free

Although WP has a more advanced paid version, its basic functionality is enough to make any type of commercial website. Any newcomer can download WordPressfor free, and if necessary, update it to paid version later when your business starts generating stable profit.

WP is great for ecommerce projects

Statistics say that 32% of all internet sitesrun on WordPress. Furthermore, when it comes to choosing a CMS for a new website, more than half of users prefer WP. These figures include not only beginner entrepreneurs, but also world renowned brands such as Disney, Mercedes, AMC and others. If even commercial giants choose this CMS, why shouldn’t you?

It’s user-friendly

One of the reasons even large companies prefer WordPress is its user-friendly and intuitive interface, which is especially important for beginners.

People with no experience are naturally afraid of complicated technical stuff. Even those with genuine ideas may drop it because of it.

But WP was originally designed for bloggers with no professional skills. Besides, there are tons of tutorials and guides on the web posted by the company and other users.

It has lots of extensions

To create a WordPress ecommerce website, you can use one of many extentions and plugins available for this CMS. There is additional software for blogs, different types of online shops and dropshipping stores – both paid products and free to use.

Each of them makes it even easier to create the exact type of website your business needs.


No matter what business model you’ve chosen, search engine optimization is one of your basic priorities in business development. WordPress offers its own tools for SEO and can produce semantic markup. It means that search engines ‘like’ websites made on WP more than those made on other CMSs. Plus, there are WP plugins for search engine optimization too.


WordPress ecommerce websites have become a popular business solution for entrepreneurs with no or little technical background. Thanks to its free tool set, even people with little budget can afford creating a commercial site for their first project.

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